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Dev Release 7

April 11, 2024

GhostDAG Internals: A Deep Dive from the Developers shoe!


We will soon be delving into code and deeper dev releases explaining our coding journey and
our latest dev release is a technical understanding of where we we currently stand for our community, which dives deep into the our system's inner workings and the algorithms that make will make it tick, enjoy!


Please note this is our first ever dev releases being released, they will become more comprehensive and in detail over the coming days and weeks! Bear with us!

Core Components and Algorithms:

Sharded Data Storage: We leverage data sharding to distribute information across multiple nodes. This parallelization allows for blazing-fast data access and retrieval.
Cryptographic Hashing: Every data piece gets a unique hash, guaranteeing data integrity and immutability. Any attempt to tamper results in a different hash, making it easy to detect.
BFT Consensus Mechanism: ghostDAG employs a Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) consensus mechanism to ensure all nodes agree on transaction validity. This robust mechanism safeguards against fraud and upholds network integrity.
Weighted Directed Acyclic Graph (WDAG) Structure: Transactions are meticulously organized in a WDAG structure. Each transaction references previous ones, forming a tamper-proof chain of events.

The WDAG Algorithm Explained

The core algorithm revolves around a WDAG. Each node represents a data piece, and edges depict relationships between data points. The weight assigned to an edge signifies the confidence level in the validity of that connection.
When a new transaction arrives, the algorithm meticulously considers the following:
Validity Check: The transaction is rigorously checked against network rules to ensure it adheres to the protocol.
Conflict Detection: The algorithm meticulously examines the DAG for any potential conflicts with existing transactions.
Weighting: The weight of the new transaction is meticulously determined based on factors such as the reputation of the source node and the validity of its references.
Once these checks are complete, the new transaction is added to the DAG, with appropriate weights assigned to its edges. This ensures that the most reliable and trustworthy data receives the highest weightage within the network.

Looking Ahead: Pushing the Boundaries

The ghostDAG team is actively innovating. We're exploring novel consensus mechanisms, advanced sharding techniques, and seamless integration with other blockchain ecosystems. We'll keep you in the loop on our progress. Stay tuned for more updates!

The BlockDAG Team 

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