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Dev Release 43

May 31, 2024

:rocket: Exciting Announcement from X1 Miner! :rocket:


We are thrilled to share some fantastic news with our community! :tada: The first official build of the X1 Miner Beta App has been officially submitted to the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. :iphone::globe_with_meridians:

This marks a significant milestone for us, and we can't wait for you to experience the incredible features. :pick::moneybag:
Once we receive approval from the app stores, the X1 Miner Beta App will be available for download to the public. Stay tuned.Mark your calendars! You’ll be able to begin mining as soon as we release the Testnet in August. Your mined BDAG balance will then be migrated to your wallet once the full version of the X1 Miner App is launched with the Mainnet in September.


All updates on the developments and enhancements will be posted on our official channels, as we work towards the Testnet and Mainnet releases following our official roadmap. Stay engaged with the app to witness its evolution firsthand. Remember, you're here early, right at the forefront of something extraordinary. :date::rocket:

Data Storage Implementation in BlockDAG

We are excited to announce the latest update to BlockDAG, our cutting-edge DAG-based blockchain platform designed to deliver superior scalability, efficiency, and security. This release focuses on the robust and innovative Data Storage implementation, which is essential for maintaining the integrity and performance of the network. Alongside this, we have reinforced our security protocols to ensure the utmost protection of the stored data.

Data Storage Implementation

The Data Storage module in BlockDAG is designed to handle the unique structure and requirements of a DAG-based blockchain. Below are the key features and improvements introduced in this release:

Optimized Ledger Storage:


  • Our data storage system utilizes a highly optimized database architecture that efficiently stores the complex DAG structure.
  • The storage solution ensures fast read and write operations, crucial for maintaining high throughput and low latency in transaction processing.


Efficient Indexing:


  • We have implemented advanced indexing techniques to facilitate quick retrieval of transactions and nodes within the DAG.
  • The indexing system supports fast querying and navigation through the DAG, enhancing overall performance.


Data Pruning Mechanisms:


  • To address storage bloat, we introduced effective data pruning strategies. These mechanisms periodically remove obsolete and irrelevant data, keeping the storage requirements manageable.
  • Pruning ensures that the system remains lightweight and efficient, without compromising on data integrity and historical records.


Redundancy and Backup:


  • The storage system incorporates redundancy techniques to ensure data availability and resilience.
  • Regular backups are conducted to protect against data loss, providing a robust disaster recovery solution.


Security for Data Storage

Security is paramount in the design and implementation of the Data Storage module. We have integrated multiple layers of security to protect the data from various threats:


  1. Cryptographic Integrity:


  • Every transaction and node in the DAG is secured with cryptographic hashes. This ensures the integrity and immutability of the data.
  • Digital signatures verify the authenticity of transactions, preventing unauthorized modifications.


2. Encryption:

  • Data at rest and in transit is encrypted using industry-standard encryption protocols. This protects the data from unauthorized access and tampering.
  • Encrypted storage ensures that even if physical access to the storage hardware is compromised, the data remains secure.


3. Access Control:

  • A stringent access control mechanism is in place to regulate who can read from or write to the storage system.
  • Role-based access controls (RBAC) and permissions ensure that only authorized nodes and users can perform sensitive operations.


4. Audit Trails:

  • Comprehensive audit trails are maintained to track all interactions with the storage system.
  • These logs provide a transparent and tamper-proof record of all activities, aiding in monitoring and forensic analysis.


5. Anti-Spam and Anti-DDoS Measures:

  • To safeguard against spam and denial-of-service attacks, we have implemented robust anti-spam measures.
  • These include proof-of-work mechanisms and transaction rate limits to ensure that the storage system is not overwhelmed by malicious activities.


The new Data Storage implementation in BlockDAG represents a significant leap forward in the performance, efficiency, and security of our platform. 


We are committed to continuously enhancing the robustness of BlockDAG to meet the evolving needs of our developers and users.Follow us on social media and keep an eye on our updates to be the first to know when the X1 Miner App is live on the app stores!

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