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Dev Release 38

May 24, 2024

Greetings BlockDAG Community,


Today, we are excited to share the progress we've made in the development and implementation of consensus mechanisms tailored specifically for our DAG-based blockchain system. Our focus was on refining the algorithms that ensure secure, efficient, and scalable transaction confirmation in the BlockDAG environment.

Development Progress on DAG-based Consensus

Our development efforts today centered on implementing and optimizing consensus mechanisms that can handle the unique structure of a DAG. Here’s an overview of the key areas we worked on:


Transaction Ordering and Block Validation
One of the primary challenges in a DAG structure is ensuring a consistent and secure ordering of transactions across multiple parallel chains. We have developed a method to order transactions and validate blocks efficiently.


Pseudocode for Transaction Ordering:

function orderTransactions(DAG):
orderedTransactions = []
for block in DAG.blocks:
for transaction in block.transactions:
if validateTransaction(transaction):
return orderedTransactions


function validateTransaction(transaction):

 // Validate the transaction based on predefined rules
return transaction.isValid()


Mathematical Foundation:
To ensure the correct ordering of transactions, we use a timestamp-based sorting method:
Ordered Transactions=Sort({T1​,T2​,…,Tn},by Timestamp)
where T1​,T2​,…,Tn are the transactions in the DAG.


Block Weight Calculation
Calculating the weight of blocks is crucial for determining the heaviest path, which helps in resolving conflicts and ensuring the security of the DAG.


Pseudocode for Block Weight Calculation:

function calculateBlockWeight(block):
weight = baseWeight
for transaction in block.transactions:
weight += transactionWeight(transaction)
return weight

function transactionWeight(transaction):
// Determine the weight of a transaction
return transaction.size * weightFactor


Mathematical Foundation:
The weight of a block is given by:



where Wbase​ is the base weight of the block, and W(Ti) is the weight of the i-th transaction.


Block Confirmation and Consensus
For achieving consensus, we implemented a mechanism to confirm blocks based on the cumulative weight of their subgraphs.


Pseudocode for Block Confirmation:
function confirmBlock(DAG, block, threshold):
subgraphWeight = calculateSubgraphWeight(DAG, block)
return subgraphWeight >= threshold

function calculateSubgraphWeight(DAG, block):
weight = 0
subgraph = getSubgraph(DAG, block)
for subBlock in subgraph:
weight += calculateBlockWeight(subBlock)
return weight


Mathematical Foundation:
The subgraph weight is calculated as:


where subgraph(B) is the set of blocks in the subgraph rooted at block B.

X1 Miner Application: Phase 2 Commencement

We are excited to announce the start of Phase 2, focusing on enhancing user experience with key updates.


Current Status:

  • Bug Fixes and Optimizations: Our team is improving stability, performance, and security.
  • Google Play Approval: Successfully passed, showcasing our commitment to quality.
  • Apple App Store Approval: In final review stages, ready to address any feedback promptly.


Technical Enhancements:

  • Improved Algorithm Efficiency: Reduced latency and enhanced responsiveness.
  • Enhanced Security Protocols: Advanced measures to safeguard user data.
  • User Interface Upgrades: More intuitive and visually appealing experience.


Stay connected and engaged as we continue to innovate and push the boundaries of blockchain technology. Your feedback and support are invaluable.

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