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Dev Release 31

May 15, 2024

Greetings BlockDAG Community,

Today was all about continuing our implementing process in blockDAG mining techniques. It was more about the debugging part in the mining implementation to resolve the existing error that we were facing in yesterday's implementation part and less of the coding part. Still there were few successful implementation that was done during the day. Let's delve deeper into the more advanced techniques and considerations for leveraging our BlockDAG algorithm.

Optimizing SHA-3 for BlockDAG Mining

To maximize the effectiveness of SHA-3 within the BlockDAG ecosystem, we're introducing several optimizations:

  • Parallelization: Utilizing multi-threading or parallel processing techniques can significantly enhance mining performance. By dividing the workload across multiple cores or nodes, miners can expedite the hashing process, increasing overall throughput.
  • Memory-Hard Functions: While SHA-3 offers competitive hashing speeds, integrating memory-hard functions can further deter potential ASIC dominance. Algorithms like Argon2 or BalloonHash introduce memory-intensive computations, leveling the playing field for CPU and GPU miners.
  • Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment: Implementing dynamic difficulty adjustment mechanisms ensures that mining remains challenging yet feasible, adapting to fluctuations in network hash rate. By fine-tuning difficulty levels based on computational power, we maintain a stable block generation rate while mitigating the risk of network congestion.

Pseudocode for Enhanced SHA-3 Mining

Let's refine our pseudocode to incorporate these optimizations:

 function mineBlock(transactions, previousBlockHash, targetDifficulty, numThreads):

 // This function mines a new block in the BlockDAG blockchain using SHA-3


 nonce = 0

 blockData = concatenate(transactions, previousBlockHash, nonce)


 while true:

 # Initialize an array to store hashes from different threads

 hashResults = []


 # Launch multiple threads for parallel hashing

       for i in range(numThreads):

 # Generate block data for each thread

 threadBlockData = concatenate(blockData, i)

 # Execute SHA-3 hashing in parallel



 # Check if any of the hashes meet the target difficulty

 for hashResult in hashResults:

 if meetsDifficulty(hashResult, targetDifficulty):

 return hashResult, nonce # Found a valid block hash


 # Increment the nonce for the next iteration

 nonce = nonce + numThreads

Exploring New Topics in SHA-3 Mining

As we advance our understanding of SHA-3 mining, let's explore additional topics:

  • Quantum Resistance: Assessing SHA-3's resilience against quantum computing threats is imperative for long-term blockchain security. Investigating post-quantum cryptographic primitives ensures the integrity of BlockDAG transactions in the face of evolving technological landscapes.
  • Network Congestion Management: Developing congestion control mechanisms enables BlockDAG networks to adapt to varying transaction volumes. By implementing efficient propagation protocols and fee structures, we enhance network scalability and user experience.

Together, let's continue pushing the boundaries of BlockDAG mining with SHA-3, embracing innovation and collaboration to forge a more secure and resilient decentralized future.

x1 Miner application status

Apart from the blockchain development, a parallel team is working on the x1 miner application, let's get into the current progress for that commitment:
As we're near to the delivery of the first phase of x1 Miner application, the user onboarding module is complete with the privilege of sign up through phone number and Google. Adding on, the platform has been added with the pre-sale functionality too along with the setting, notification and home functionality. Currently the phase 1 of the application is under testing and bug fixes phase. We'll be delivering the application on store shortly.

Stay tuned!

Stay tuned for further insights and developments as we navigate the dynamic landscape of blockchain technology and x1 Miner application.

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