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Dev Release 2

April 4, 2024

Dev Release #2: BlockDAG Taking Shape

Greetings everyone, and welcome to Dev Release #2! Our development team is working tirelessly to bring you the best possible blockDAG architecture.


Please note this is our first ever dev releases being released, they will become more comprehensive and in detail over the coming days and weeks! Bear with us!

Tech updates

This update highlights their ongoing research into blockDAG protocols. The team is committed to finding the perfect balance between speed and security, ensuring a robust and efficient foundation for our project.

Their investigation has delved into various options, including:

Bitcoin protocol: The foundational protocol for many cryptocurrencies, offering a secure but potentially slower approach.
Phantom protocol: A promising alternative focused on speed and scalability.
Formal modal and statement logic: Exploring the use of formal logic for enhanced security and validation.
DAG client protocol: A protocol specifically designed for Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) systems, potentially offering a well-suited fit.
These are just a few of the options being considered. The development team is continuously evaluating new possibilities to ensure the best possible outcome.

Stay tuned!

We'll keep you updated on further progress as we solidify the blockDAG architecture. Stay tuned for the next Dev Release!

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